ZEN TAO, Registered
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ZEN TAO TIBETAN SPANIELS HOMEPAGE - Includes tributes to foundation dogs, their contribution to the breed & Zen Tao
MENU - Page content descriptions
INFORMATION - Background info on the start of Zen Tao, Breed characteristics, career highlights of top winners with photos, general info on breeding philosophy, health, genetics, sales & contracts, shipping, & book order info
FOUNDATION BITCHES - Girls bred by other breeders, owned by Zen Tao. Some were bred from, some were not. Includes a photo of each, who their sire & dam were, eye, health, & OFA information.
FOUNDATION SIRES - Males bred by other breeders, owned by Zen Tao. Some used at stud, others not. Includes a photo of each, who their sire & dam were, eye, health, & OFA information.
GENETIC TESTING - EYES - Detailed information about screening for hereditary eye diseases that Zen Tao does, plus information about CERF. (Canine Eye Research Foundation)
GENETIC TESTING - OFA & CHIC - Specific information about skeletal abnormalities & screening that Zen Tao does, plus information & statistics from OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) & the American Kennel Club’s CHIC Program. (Canine Health Information Center)
HEALTH - Products I have used for many years & highly recommend. How to order these wonderful products. Photos of Veterans.
STUD SERVICE - Information. By private treat only.
LITTERS 1994 through 2003 - Photos & info on litters & the pups in them, bred by Zen Tao, in those years
LITTERS 2004 to 2011 - Continuation of the first litter page
LITTERS 2011 to PRESENT - Continuation of litter pages
SHOW NEWS - This page was started in 2007, lists show wins, with assorted photos
AVAILABLE -  Puppies, adults & retirees who may be available now or in the near future
QUESTIONNAIRE - If you are interested in a Zen Tao pup or adult, please copy the questionnaire & paste it onto an email, complete & email to me
MINKS COCKERS IN STORY & PHOTOS - What started as one page about my 30 years in Cockers, with photos, a tribute to them & the breeders whose dedication were the foundation, turned into a total of 3 pages. These other pages are
MINKS COCKERS 1976 - 2006 page 1 & MINKS COCKERS 1976 - 2006 page 2 - photos & descriptions, sires & dams of individual Cockers
COCKER SPANIEL ITEMS FOR SALE - PEGGY BANG PRINTS, BOOKS, MAGAZINES, ETC. - This page will be added to & updated constantly. Please keep checking back for listings of over 30 years of magazines, including The American Cocker Review, The Cocker Spaniel Leader, TM (THE MAGAZINE, Michael Allen’s Cocker Spaniel publication), assorted Cocker books, & many hand signed prints, some hand colored & one of a kind, by the late Peggy Bang. May also decide to part with a few Peggy Bang originals.
Hope that you enjoyed your visit to Zen Tao Treasured Tibetan Spaniels.
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